Jumat, 23 Oktober 2009

I'm Sorry, Mom Dad

we were often feel upset with our parents, but actually it is wrong. I often think, actually we are deeply indebted to them. but, they often impose their will, that's what pisses me off to them.

I often think about their crimes, but I rarely think of their kindness. I knew it was wrong. and sometimes I cry when I was thinking that I was always so negative to them. they are actually very dear to us, so they want us to be a successful child later. so, they sometimes treat us too hard. but in fact they are also often cry because we are. It is very touching.

I feel very guilty, because I often feel that they do not love me anymore. I often that they were very annoying, no attention, and others. but this time, I'm not going to think like that anymore, I do not want my parents to go to hell just because I did not become a successful children.

I'll give you the best, mom dad! :'(
PS: as I write this post, I almost cried :D


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